Quiz about africa

quiz about africa

Do you really know your geography? Fill in the map of Africa by correctly guessing each highlighted country. Develop a mental map of Africa, its countries, capitals, and geography through these amazing games! Mac Users - if games are not working, click here. All users. See how much you know about the continent of Africa with this travel quiz from National Geographic. quiz about africa We love your site for geography games. Cities in the Midwest. Teodoro Obiang of Equatorial Guinea. What is the name of the fast food dish popular in South Africa which is made by filling a hollowed-out loaf of bread with curry? Can you name the African countries? I am from North Korea and have one eye and a half a leg. What percentage of all the land on the planet Earth does Africa cover? Ecology The lion, king of the beasts, is native to Africa. Help Pause Take Untimed Random Order. They are sometimes referred to as black-footed penguins or jackass penguins because of their loud 'braying sound' which is similar to a donkey. Drag the countries onto the map by region. A new library planned skip bo online gratis Timbuktu in Mali, with EU and US funding. All of this is done to keep the balance of Western Sahara's finances. The architect of apartheid Hendrik Verwoerd. Type the first three letters of the country's name. The game ends when you get all 50 questions correct, or when you give up ;. The objective of the game is simple enough; find the countries of Africa as fast as possible. Africa Number Of Borders. Hyena compete with lions on Africa's plains. Geography games, quiz game, blank maps, geogames, educational games, outline map, exercise, classroom activity, teaching ideas, classroom games, middle school, interactive world map for kids, geography quizzes for adults. Learn more about creating a custom quiz. Seterra for AndroidiPhone and iPad is here! From the author The Countries of Africa is online hobbit games first game I ever created. A point and click game that makes it easy to learn the countries of Africa for a test in school. What is the distance from the top of Africa i. Africa is a continent a very large mass of land which is made up of many different countries. Take a Nat Geo Trip Select a destination or trip type to find a trip: So, enjoy the following ten children's quiz questions about Africa and we hope they inspire you to learn more about this exciting part of the world. You even negotiated the trick question. North and Central America: Type the first three letters of the country's name. The ancient civilization of Carthage lies in Northern Africa.

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